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     As one of China’s leading enterprises in energy-conversation and environment-protection, Sunhome has full capacities of providing complete sets of products and solutions covering the whole energy-conversion chain, such as smart grid, CSP TES system, city heat supply, industrial utilization of waste heat, energy-saving and heat supply in public institutions and colleges and agricultural heat supply.

      The essence of the Energy Management Contracting (EMC) is: a mode of energy-saving investment in the overall energy-saving project with a reduced energy capital cost. To the proprietor, EMC is zero investment without any risks during the earlier stage, and saving energy and maintenance costs in the later stage. To the partner, it is a golden opportunity to create double wealth based upon the platform of EMC. In order to implement the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction(2011—2015), build the gateway to green fortune together with our partners and pursue common development, Sunhome specially set up several modes of collaboration with our prospective partners.

   Mode I: Sunhome provides our customers with customized solutions to energy conservation and relevant products.

   Mode II: Partners offer relevant businesses concerning EMC and shoulder the responsibility of P&R in the earlier stage. Sunhome draws up the design of energy conservation and innovation solutions for the energy-consumption enterprises and signs the contract of EMC. We are in charge of equipment installation, maintenance as well as after-sale services.

  Mode III: Partners undertake the projects in the name of Sunhome EMC, and Sunhome offers products and sweeping services of consultation for the EMC project accordingly. Partners take charge of all the EMC operations such as the P&R of EMC projects, contract signing, equipment erection and maintenance, after-sale service and loan tracking. All the operating profits belong to partners exclusive of the expenditures for Sunhome’s products and EMC project management, etc.





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