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Successful Operation of China’s first Molten Salt TES System of CSP Plant

Release time:2014-04-21 clicks:1069

     On Mar. 30th, the moment steam generator belched out the first continuous columns of steam, all the members from R&D team of Sunhome jumped up and down and hugged each other. Chairman Yin Jianping kept his poise with a smile, and directed the onsite operations in person.

    The management of Sunhome, after their in-depth discussion, has decided to enter the CSP industry and initiate the research and development of technology in molten salt thermal energy storage since Jun, 2010. Under the leadership of the chief engineer Prof. Guo Tingwei, sunhome has cultivated a R&D and designing team of high caliber talents. Meanwhile, our company has applied for 50-plus patents of invention as well as new utility, forming a complete independent intellectual property rights. In August, 2013, Sunhome built China’s first high-temperature molten salt TES system with the total amount of stored thermal energy up to 20MWh. Every member in Sunhome makes an all-out effort to smooth away difficulties of various kinds in the process of design, manufacture, construction and commissioning. We have reached internationally advanced level in terms of foundation construction, steel structure treatment, high-temperature tank fabrication, manufacture, insulation and preheat of piping, heat exchange, precaution against freezing as well as integrated control. Since November, 2013, melting-down equipment has begun to be operational. Within over half a month, all the thermal salt was melted and charged into the system. All the indexes of the salt has reached the design criterion after many rounds of trial runs and commissioning for three months. From March, 2014 onwards, according to the requirements of R&D center, the temperature of molten salt has been increased to 550. The whole TES system runs smoothly and every index is up to required standard over 20-plus days.

    The successful operation of this project has filled the gap in China’s CSP industry, and signifies that China’s CSP has entered the era of thermal energy storage with molten salt as the medium, and China has been among the few countries possessing the TES technology. As a leading enterprise, Sunhome is the first to take part in R&D of high-temperature molten salt TES system in the realm of CSP, and will continue to boost and take the lead in the trend of large-scale commercial operation of that system.



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