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Guests from Outokumpu—stainless steel magnate make a visit to Sunhome

Release time:2014-04-19 clicks:1011

     On the afternoon of Dec 11th, Market Development Director (Asia Pacific Area) Dr. Chang-Ching Sun from Outokumpu Asia Pacific Limited (Beijing Representative Office), together with his colleagues visits our company. In the conference room of corporate HQ, Town of Science and Education, Chairman Yin Jianping, GM Tian Hongzeng give the visiting guests a very enthusiastic reception, both parties hold exchange and discussion on such issues as launching business cooperation. Other attendees of the conference include deputy chief engineer Liu Pingxin, and engineer He Yi.

      Dr Sun briefs the current production management and business expansion of Outokumpu. As the global leader in stainless steel fabrication, Outokumpu has established many production bases in Britain, Germany, US, Mexico, Finland, China and so forth, supplying stainless steel of superior quality to large numbers of enterprises throughout the world. Moreover, Outokumpu presently is the supplier of steel products to CSP plants in Spain, America, etc. Dr. Sun adds, the rise of Sunhome has attracted their attention, and they heartily praise our company for the exploration and development in the CSP industry. Outokumpu hopes to strengthen collaboration and communication with Sunhome, launch cooperation with us and make joint progress in the CSP industry.

      GM Tian Hongzeng states, as Chinas leading enterprise in TES technology of CSP industry, Sunhome constantly maintains collaboration with Outokumpu in the application of special steel, both sides have many in-depth discussions and exchanges on high-temperature molten salt thermal energy storage, special tubing and ultra-high temperature steel. Sunhome will further close contacts with Outokumpu and deepen cooperation, achieving the goal of complementary advantages, common development, mutual benefits and win-win.

      Both parties have reached many cooperation intentions in the 4-hour good-will meeting.



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