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Sunhome was invited to Hebei Suntien to participated in technology communication meeting

Release time:2016-03-07 clicks:482
26th January, chairman of Sunhome was invited to Hebei Suntien New Energy Co., Ltd(hereafter referred to as Hebei Suntien), Mainly engaged in new energy power generation project development, the manager of Suntien investment department Hongling Zhang and manager of development department Lizhi Sun also took part in the meeting.
As the leading enterprise of Hebei new energy development, Hebei Suntien has been focusing on the developing of CSP, realizing the difficulty of engineering CSP Plant and the difficulty of project, especially the TES System and the Heat Transportation system is the key part, the engineering and construction is very difficult,in China there is few company who have the whole technology and the operation experience. Based on this, chairman Jianping Yin introduced the operation of TES System of Sunhome to Hebei Suntien, they communicated the engineering, Construction and operation of CSP plant. At the end, they both expressed will cooperation in CSP Plant in the further days.





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