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Sunhome was invited to visit Shangdong Sunway

Release time:2016-03-04 clicks:472
 3th February 2016, chairman and chief engineer of sunhome were invited to Shandong Sunway Company, the general
manager of Sunway Bo Sun and deputy chief engineer took part in the meeting, both parties have a deep
communication about the TES system of CGN.  Shandong Sunway is a company who dealing with the construction and
solutions of petrochemical engineering, coal chemical industry. Sunday participated in the De ling ha CSP plant of CGN.
   Sunhome is a high and new technology enterprise of researching and manufacturing TES and energy saving technology.
   Sunhome have the biggest TES demonstration platform in the word which is also a first one in Asia, it have been
operating sanely up to now. The platform is the only molten salt TES system who past the testing of DLR, and the
thermal insulation performance is better than solar-thermal power station which is operating in America.
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