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Atria Power Company in India come to Sunhome want to purchase the salt melting system and TES System

Release time:2016-03-03 clicks:529
29th January 2016, Atria Power Company of India come to Sunhome for a visit, the chairman Mr.Jianping Yin, Technical manager Mr.Pingxin Liu and minister of International department attended the meeting.
       The visiting purpose of Atria Power is about purchasing salt melting system and TES System of their 11MWe project in Kamataka.
The technical team of sunhome have already obtained the compeletely independent intellectual property rights, now sunhome already had 24 authorized patents, apply 10 invention patents and 20 utility model patents. During the meeting, Sunhome chief engineer introduced the salt melting system in detail, both parities communicate about the technical problems, Atria Power expressed much interesting about Sunhome’s salt melting system which has the same international technical ultra cost-effective.
In addition, Sunhome’s chief engineer also introduced the TES System to the customers, after the meeting, the leaders of Sunhome accompany with the customer to visit the TES experiment platform and the salt melting system, the customer form India admired Sunhome sincerely and feeling more firm to cooperation with Sunhome.

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