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Sunhome took an active part in communication meeting of De ling ha project of Bread Youth Company

Release time:2016-03-02 clicks:477
26th December 2015, Qinghai Bread Youth New Energy Co., Ltd(referred as Bread Youth) 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant of De ling ha was Formally started. Sunhome as a Strategic investors with Bread Youth took part in the communication meeting.
Chairman of Sunhome Jianping Yin said: We sunhome as a earliest company who got involved in the R&D of TES System for CSP Plant in China,have already had the TES System EPC ability. Sunhome with Bread Youth cooperate with each other to research the project which achieved the complementary advantages. Bread Youth will be responsible for the EPC of the solar field and Sunhome will be responsible for the EPC of TES System, Sunhome will with Bread Youth to build a high conversion rate CSP Plant.

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