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The international CSP authoritative expert Mr. Santiago Arias join in Sunhome

Release time:2016-03-02 clicks:506

Mr.Santiago Arias used to be a technical director in Spain company-Torresol Energy and a project manager in SENER, he was responsible for Gemasolar, Valle 1 and Valle 2 CSP project as a chief engineer during the construction phase of CSP plant.
Sunhome as a earliest company who got involved in the R&D of TES System for CSP Plant in China, jointed domestic institutions and universities to research the first and biggest molten salt thermal storage experiment platform in Asia, it took about 6 years technical research. The platform has been operating more than 3 years, and have obtain 7 Natioanl invention patents and 31 utility model patents.
The TES System of Sunhome is the only one that past the Germany DLR test, the result is our insulation performance is better than the operating TES System in America, now Sunhome is fully have the manufacture ability and system technical plan integration ability of the TES system core components. Mr.Santiago Arias gave Sumhome a completely recognition after a long time survey about the TES system.
In the middle ten days of January,2016, Mr.Santiago Arias joined in Sunhome, and come to Sunhome to sign the strategy cooperation agreement, both Sunhome and Mr.Santiago Arias have Full of confidence and expectations of Sunhome, we believe that the cooperation between sunhome and Mr.Santiago Arias must be a combination between gaints, with the support of international expert, sunhome will supply more higher valve products and service, and will be more competitive in domestic and international market.



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