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Technological Innovation Project of Solar Thermal Molten Salt TES system Device under Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Has Passed the Acceptance Test Smoothly

Release time:2014-02-18 clicks:959

        On Dec 26th, 2013, a team of project acceptance and evaluation, comprised of leaders and experts from Bureau of Finance, Changzhou Municipality, and Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Wujin District, carries out the evaluation and acceptance test of technological innovation project of solar thermal molten salt TES system device in Sunhome. Presided over by Chairman Yin Jianpin, this meeting is held at the headquarters in Science and Education Town. Other attendees include GM Tian Hongzeng, chief scientist Prof. Guo Tingwei, Deputy Chief Engineer Liu Pingxin and Engineer Liu Guomin. Chairman Yin Jianpin briefs the course of growth and status quo of our company, Deputy Chief Engineer Liu Pingxin introduces the specialized technology to the experts from the project acceptance team, and elaborates on the key technology and creativeness of this technological innovation project.

With the up-to-date technology, researchers in Sunhome have successfully upgraded the TES system device through upwards of 2 years’ research, design, experiments and construction. The experts present firstly hear the summary of the project acceptance work in Sunhome, check the materials of acceptance and appraisal, and then listen to the report. Via on-the-spot statement of defense by Sunhome and serious discussions among the experts, they agree unanimously that this project of technological innovation completes all the tasks on schedule, the social and economic benefits of this technological innovation are remarkable, opens up broad prospects of popularization and application. The current operation shows the achievements of this project, on the whole, has reached the internationally advanced level and taken the lead nationwide. Subsequently, the experts perform the field acceptance test as per the contents of project implementation, and undertake a survey of the plant, equipment and instruments.

During the process of inspection, the experts raise the questions regarding this project, and we answer all the questions in detail. Finally, the experts make the acceptance and review of the contents one by one, and give their opinion on acceptance and appraisal. The whole process of acceptance test is under way systematically, we have smoothly accomplished the acceptance appraisal work.


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